Over 400 years ago, a long-forgotten evil returned from exile and challenged the gods for the supremacy over the world of Llyric (pronounced “year-ick”). Humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes and halflings rallied behind the old gods, while the “monstrous” races gave their allegiance to the upstart Azira and her progeny. After years of warfare between both gods and mortals, the forces of Light were utterly defeated.

Nothing is as it was before. With few exceptions, the old gods are dead and what few remain are shadows of their former selves living in exile and barely able to answer the prayers of their priests. Millennia-old civilizations have been wiped out with only a few dusty and dangerous ruins remaining as testament to the wonders they held. Lifeless wastes now lie where majestic forests once stood. Even the terrain was not left unscathed as the titanic struggles of the gods shifted the earth and seas.

Llyric is an entirely new world with its own unique cosmology. Players should not assume that anything they know about the standard D&D setting holds true. The gods are different, the planes are different, even some of the PC races are different, just to name a few examples.

Over time, I will add character creation rules, more background on the world and the gods of Llyric. Please be patient.

March 18, 2009

Effective immediately, the World of Llyric campaign has been tabled. I’m hopeful that circumstances will allow its rebirth at some point or another.
June 27, 2009